ABA Therapy

ABA for the Classroom Training

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a method of studying and managing behaviour to bring about positive change in behaviour. ABA at its core is a way to teach by helping students systematically learn new skills. This training will be addressing strategies which can be used in the classroom to help one understand that all behaviours have a purpose, to learn how to determine the function of behaviour and to determine ways to intervene effectively.

Lecturer: Jacqueline Abela DeGiovanni – MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis (Belfast)

Dates: 10th November 2017

Time: 16:00 – 1930

Venue: The Landmark Business Centre Qormi

Fee: €60

For more information, please contact us:

Email: [email protected]




I am interested in the ABA training course. In my masters degree I read in Inclusive Education and Communities we had a credit on ABA. I have a particular interest in it and use it in my early intervention practice.
I teach at De La Salle and is one of the teachers Alishia told you about.
I am a bit tight this Friday.


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