Autism Malta Article Facts You Need To Know

What Parents Need to Know About Autism

 Autism Malta Facts You Need To Know About Autism

Based on the National Institute of Health and the Centers for Disease Control Prevention’s data gathering, autism is appraised to affect at least 1 of every 160 births made each year.It is also believed that approximately one and a half million Americans are going through a couple form of autism. It is dubbed as the rapid growing developmental condition and a kind of disability which has around 10% growth each year.

The Department of Education in the United States in 1999, there are reports that there was an increase of about 172% in the autism condition prevalence. According to the Autism Society of America’s report, the yearly cost that is needed to provide an ideal service to autism condition is nearly 200 to 400 billion dollars in over 10 years compared to the number of people that has this disorder which will reach about 4 million for the next couple of decades. The condition autism can actually appear at any social background, race, gender, class and even on any child. It is actually five times more common in males than with females.

What You Need To Know About Autism

A cognitive disorder, autism has an effect on the individual’s learning and developmental ability. The disorder’s manifestation typically appears at the early stage of life that is the first three years of a person’s stage. As an outcome of this kind of neurological disorder, it interrupts the ideal and normal functioning of the person’s brain which has an effect on the social interaction skills and the communication skills development. Both the adult and the children with autism actually have difficulties in the following aspects:

  • Non-verbal and verbal communication
  • Social interaction
  • Leisure activities

However, one should take note that there are a lot of different degrees of autism for various individuals. For this kind of reason, a diagnosis at an early stage is very much recommended by a lot of experts. This is critical in order for the child can instantly take the advantage from the specialized programs which are made available that caters for the care of that particular individual that has autism.

How Hand in Hand is Helping Children with Autism Malta

What is Autism?

It is basically composed of a linkage of professionals so that they can provide the high end therapeutic services to adolescents and children.

Here are the following people who will work with the individual with this kind of condition:

  • Disability Specialist
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Accredited Play Therapist
  • Early Intervention Tutors
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist

Through this professional collaboration, the HandInHand Malta – Autism Malta can offer a wide array of services which is of course individually made for the child’s needs. These services could range from the most professional form of assessment, play therapy services, psychological therapy, and also the intervention with kids that have special needs.

The HandInHand Malta – autism Services in Malta firmly upholds the belief that an effective and timely intervention can be obtained through this kind of approach – multi-disciplinary teamwork approach. This provides an avenue for the various professionals who will be teaming up with the treatment process target each child’s specific needs.


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