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The Benefits Of A BCBA Supervision Online

What is BCBA Online Supervision? Is a technique used in the counselling, mental health, psychotherapy and related disciplines where a practitioner receives supervision by meeting with a trained supervisor to discuss matters like casework and any other work related issues. The purpose is primarily to ensure that practitioner delivers efficient service to clients through learning from his experiences in relating with the clients.

Supervision of this kind is provided on two fronts: to provide education to the supervisee and to support the supervisee. Educating the supervisee is aimed at relating the concept of theory to practical work. Because individual clients differ, the supervisee can learn from not taking a hard line posture with treatment techniques Skype BCBA Supervision Onlinefor all clients. The supervisee comes to understand through clinical supervision that approach to treatment is determined by response, and that there is a possibility of two persons reacting differently to the same treatment techniques.

Because of the peculiarity of clients’ circumstance supervisee through clinical supervision can learn to develop ideas and follow approaches that are tailor made for each clients in administering of therapy. This further helps to develop a wider range of skill sets that can be used by supervisee in the discharge of his/her duty.

Skype BCBA Supervision Online

Support, through BCBA supervision, is given first to validate the supervisee as a therapist in that given discipline. It also helps by pointing supervisee to the wealth of professional resources that can help facilitate his/her work. BCBA supervision online also support the supervisee by giving feedback and propose recommendations.

Sometimes locating and availing oneself of the services of a clinical supervisor might be difficult in terms of distance, BCBA Supervision have taken the online route. Hence, the term Skype or online supervision.

BCBA supervision is an essential part of working therapeutically with clients, be they adults or children. The purpose of BCBA supervision, as compared to line management supervision, is for the supervisor to help the supervisee become more effective in helping other persons. The role of a BCBA Supervisor is to provide support and advice upon issues that arise during the therapist’s clinical work. These may be matters of therapeutic techniques, therapeutic relationships, difficult problems, ethical decisions or issues that impact personally upon the therapist caused by the therapeutic process.

Supervision Online has two main functions: it should be educative and supportive.


  • To provide a regular space for the supervisee to reflect upon the content and process of the work.
  • To develop understanding and skills within the work.
  • To help relate theory to practice.
  • To enable the supervisee to apply their approach appropriately to children at different developmental stages.
  • To have an opportunity to think and develop ideas.


  • To be validated both as a person and a therapist.
  • To plan and utilise the personal and professional resources of the supervisee
  • To give constructive positive and critical feedback.
  • To offer a space to reflect and clarify what is evoked by the work and explore our reactions to this experience.
  • Ensure that the work is done in such a way that the supervisor can be accountable for the monitoring and quality of the work being done with the children.

Hand in Hand provides BCBA Supervision Online service for more information on the service please contact her on on [email protected] or +356 79474692.

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BCBA Supervision Online Hand in Hand provides face to face supervision for local BCBA students and now also online supervision.

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