Featured on Lovin Malta

June 2, 2021
Lovin Malta went behind the scenes at Hand in Hand School, a centre focused on using Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy as a means to addressing children with autism's challenging behaviours.

Group Learning Opportunities

March 1, 2021
Motivation is key for learning to take place! We embed targets within fun and creative activities in order to ensure our learners enjoy their experience every step of the way


February 14, 2021
Our kids had a super day celebrating carnival! The team pulled together, like the stars that they are, and created a magical day of creativity, music, games and fun. Learning took place in the most colourful of ways.


December 28, 2020
Our kids here at Hand in Hand had a great time during the Christmas period which was filled with Christmas themed activities such as festive movie time, Christmas jumpers, Christmas cookie baking and decorating