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We provide you, the parents, with the techniques and confidence to motivate your child to learn. Parent coaching is a vital part of your child’s development. We endeavor to teach you the strategies outlined in your child’s program; the most effective way to expedite the learning process is to take the learning home with you.

Once the foundation for effective ABA principles are set in place, our aim is to equip parents with the skills needed to tackle everyday behavioural difficulties with ease and confidence.

Social Groups > Building relationships is a right, and vital to every child’s development.
At Hand in Hand we facilitate small groups for children struggling to develop their interaction skills using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis to guide our teaching.

These groups are beneficial to children who are verbal but find it difficult to form and maintain relationships, struggle with group instruction and display barriers to learning within a group setting. We encourage a rewarding environment to ensure our learners are motivated to participate and therefore develop the component skills necessary for effective socialisation.

Watch your child truly bloom

Family-centred ABA therapy care that gives you the tools you and your child need to take the next step in your journey.
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